I want to create a mail list of everyone who has given $100 or more over multiple years

My subject line says it. How do I make it happen?

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Here’s a screen cap of what I think you are looking for:

First I added all patrons who had donated over $100.

Then I removed deceased and such (hint: after checking the appropriate boxes, click on the edit report parameters and change the NOT to AND.

Then I removed the campaigns that I didn’t want to use.

Effectively, start with the greatest amount of data then remove what you don’t need.

Thank you so much!

Do you know what “DonationMember pledge count” includes? I cannot figure this one out. It doesn’t seem to correlate with their giving history. Wondering if is could include other transactions?

I’ll dig into “DonationMember Pledge Count” -

There is a simpler methodology to get to your result. Check out “Having” on the Help Pages. In a nutshell here’s what you’ll find…

It allows you to sum, average, count, mid, mean values within a mail list. So for example you could say:

Donation Campaign # is one of (the desired campaigns)
and Donation Date is between (the last three years)
HAVING: A sum of Donation Amount-Actual is greater than or equal to $500

It will then find all the donations to those campaign within the date range, add them up and give you only those patrons who’s total of those donations is $500 or more.

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Thank you so much! I appreciate the help.

Yeah - a great use for the Having button, which is super duper fun. I’d probably start with something like this and then run it by the Development team to see what tweaks are needed…