TTT April 30, 2020


Before we get into this week’s topics, we would like to invite you to join us and participate in our Community Conversations on Tuesday, May 5, 2020. We will be hosting a panel with three Theatre Manager Users to talk about how to stay relevant and connected with your patrons and donors in today’s challenging new circumstances. You can get more information about this panel on our Community pages.

1. Print or Save as PDF Feature

Any letter in Theatre Manager can now be printed directly to PDF if you should need to attach it to an email (eg. a tax receipt letter). This is available from:

2. Online Progress Bar for Donation Campaigns

There is another new feature – we have added an option to selectively show progress to date on a donation campaign if you wish to have it visible for patrons online. It will show the progress on the:

3. Important Change for Pass/Gift Certificate Sales Online

There is a new look to the gift certificate sales page, as per the image below. This will now automatically appear on your web pages if you have no customizations made in the TMTemplates/tmNavButtons.html page.