TTT March 19, 2020


1. Dealing With Events That Are Cancelled:

Many clients have temporarily halted performances in their venues in an effort to protect the public.

An outline containing recommendations for managing event cancellations can be found on the help page Cancelling an Event . These recommendations include generating Revenue and House reports prior to refunding tickets and creating a Mail List of those patrons who have purchased for future reference.

When cancelling an event there are many options for dealing with currently purchased tickets. We have set up another help page to help guide you with how to deal with refunding tickets, whether it be through a direct refund, transfer to a donation or transfer to a gift certificate or pass. On this page, we have included some new videos to help illustrate the process.

2. Working From Home
For those working from home and requiring access to Theatre Manager, you can put tools in place to provide access from outside the office. Working from home via remote access is different based on where the database is hosted in your organization.

Hosting Options:

  • Self-Hosted: your database and web services are on your own internal servers. You need to supply your own remote access tools.
  • Artsman Cloud Hosted: your database is hosted by Artsman. Much simpler remote access, since all people in your company are, in effect, using remote access no matter where they are located.

3. Social Distancing Sales Maps

Some clients may be continuing with events and implementing Social Distancing within the Venue. One approach to this process is holding seats within the venue to not only limit the number of patrons who can attend but also offer more space between seats for those attending. Local officials will determine the recommended distance between patrons and seats.

One way to accomplish this is to create a Social Distancing map.

This map would contain held seats to meet the regulations outlined by officials for group gatherings. Upcoming events can be altered to use this map. When capacity regulations are lifted the map can be updates once more to return to the original configuration or holds can be released within the performances themselves. Check out our help pages for instructions on how to create and work with a Social Distancing map.