Webinar Follow Up Resources - Transitioning Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

Hi everyone, thanks again for attending our Community Conversation on Tuesday, March 16, Transitioning Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program.

We had some great questions from participants and thought we would share a few resources for everyone on Community with map related topics.

Creating Social Distance Maps & Entry Zones to a Venue

Use of Manual Holds on Price Maps for Social Distance Seating

Social Distancing Sales Maps

Changing Pricing Maps for an Event

If you attended the webinar and have a follow up question, feel free to post it here. We’d all benefit from hearing more questions on adjusting map capacities as reopening strategies get implemented across our sector

Again, thank you to everyone who participated. From all of us here at Artsman, stay safe, stay healthy and we’ll see you at the next Community Conversation.

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